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Hello! I’ve been pretty quiet I know and now I am making a post while I sit on my sister Niamh’s couch in Hong Kong. While I was here, the site for I Learn to Live went live so it is with GREAT excitement that I present to you our webiste. Grant Pritcher, from Digital Valley, did a fantastic job and best of all – I only gave content and photos and he did the rest. First try and I loved it. So please have a look and pass the link on to your friends.



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Registration – lining up for the party

Dear Everyone

I am writing this letter on behalf of Kate Bain at Izulu Orphan Projects. As most of you know, every year Kate holds a Christmas party for the orphans and caregivers who she assists through the year. Each year we have the most rocking, insane time celebrating the true meaning of Christmas and just spoiling the kids and their care-givers (the true hero’s in the war of HIV/AIDS). Each party we like to give the kids and the caregivers a gift, a party pack, a hot dog (or two), and a juice box. This of course requires a huge amount of energy and time to coordinate.

What we still need:

  • 750 high school boys gifts (soccer balls are ALWAYS a winner)
  • 750 high school girl gifts (toiletries, jewellery, etc)
  • 400 care giver gifts (toiletries, jewellery – something to spoil the ladies)
  • 3600 hot dogs (rolls, viennas & tomato sauce)
  • 1900 juices

So – if you have connections, now is the time to use them!


 This email is also a call to have you all join us at the party. We love having as many volunteers as possible for two reasons: firstly, we need the help. This we’ll have just under 2000 kids and caregivers at the party which is split over two days (see below for details). Secondly, it is sheer joy (and hard work) to be part of these celebrations. I can guarantee you that you will not be the same after sharing in one of these parties. You leave with a sense of purpose and mostly with thanks on your lips for the good life you lead.


So please, come and join us and if you can offer assistance above in terms of connecting us with the right people who can donate some of the above – that would be wonderful! Please email this on to EVERYONE you know – it’s a great team building experience for companies and a fantastic way to end the year.



Where: Izulu Orphan Projects – Empangeni

When: Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th December (you don’t have to volunteer for both – but if you want to – please – you can stay over)

Accommodation: Kate has roughly 14 beds left to spare (dorm room variety) and there is PLENTY of room to pitch a tent. We normally have a huge braai on the Saturday night and everyone gets to unwind from a day of chaos.

Bank details: if you would like to make a donation – please make a deposit into the following account –

First National Bank
8 Smith Street
Izulu Orphan Projects
Cheque Account (Non-Profit)
Acc No: 62094657908
Branch: 220130
BIC/Swift address: FIRNZAJJXXX

For more information please visit the following site: https://thehappywafrican.wordpress.com/2010/08/26/an-open-letter-from-kate-bain-at-izulu-orphan-projects/ 

Facebook site: http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=6575575664


Looking forward to seeing you all at the party!!!

Ashling McCarthy | Chairwoman | Reg: 083 351

C: 072 432 0316

E: ashling.mcc@gmail.com

T: http://twitter.com/ilearntolive

B: https://thehappywafrican.wordpress.com


Some of the phenomenal ladies who care for these kids

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I am finally in possession of the original NPO certificate for I Learn to Live. This means I can open our bank account and you can all start spreading the word that two young women have school fees to be paid!!! 🙂

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