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I Learn to Live - June 2016 Newsletter (3)


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I Learn to Live - 2015 Newsletter (D2)

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We’re incredibly excited about our very first community event called: GENERATE IDEAS FOR YOUR FUTURE!

The purpose of this event is to introduce grade 6-9 learners to the concept of thinking about their future and the various options available to them. This is not a career day, but rather a day that fosters in children a culture of thinking for themselves, thinking about their environment and context, thinking about the challenges they face and finding solutions to these challenges. Our intention is to show the children that it is very possible for people in the communities they live in, to come up with ideas for solving problems and meeting the needs of community members. I Learn to Live follows two main schools of development: community mobilisation and asset based community development. Both of these schools promote that change can only truly be sustainable if community members are fully involved and engaged in changing their own lives and communities.

Plan of action

We have invited 80 children from grade 6-9 who live nearest to the centre to attend the event. These children are attending local schools in the area. The day will involve the following (described in detail after this section).

The activities for the day include:

  • Video room: we have created a 15 minute video that showcases ideas from grassroots entrepreneurs across Africa and other developing countries.
  • Stalls: we have invited a number of people to man stalls that showcase different small business ideas (these are confirmed stall holders).
    • Paintage: a painting company in Durban. The owner is a refugee from Burundi who walked to South Africa. He began doing odd jobs at an architecture firm, and through hard work and initiative taught himself how to use CAD and the company then paid for him to go to Draughting school. He now runs Paintage with his wife.
    • Poultry farming: Rick and Anita will talk to the children about poultry farming and introduce their bible study group model that leads to poultry farming small business opportunities.
    • Hair braiding: Zikulise Community Uplift Project will offer a hair braiding demo and encourage grade 9 learners to think about attending a 3 day course that teaches the basics of hair braiding. Hair braiding is an easy first business to start as it does not require capital outline or many tools.
    • Sbongile’s succulent gardens: Ma Sbongile will show the children how to use rubbish, like tin cans, to create beautiful succulent gardens. These gardens use old fabric off cuts to decorate the cans, and plants such as rock roses, which grow quickly and abundantly in hot climates. She will show them how to make the garden and then each child will be giving the opportunity to make their own garden to take home.
    • Sizah’s farming project: Sizah, facilitator at I Learn to Live, through her own initiative and hard work, began a farming project and now sells spinach to Five Ways Mall Spar. She will share with the children how she became involved in farming to producing quality crops that are sold at a grocery store in town.
    • Innovation hub: two ladies who work in the field of entrepreneurship will host an innovation hub with the children. The purpose of this hub is to give children the opportunity to think about their lives and the challenges they face, and facilitate the process of learning how to think about how they can address these challenges with the resources they have. This involves the children working in small groups of five.


(In the forthcoming months, most likely during school holidays, I Learn to Live will be hosting a course called Creating Futures: Supporting Young People in Building Their Futures. The purpose of the course is to “enhance the ability of young people to think more critically in evaluating opportunities and challenges related to their lives and livehoods”. This course will provide a platform for more in-depth entrepreneurship programmes in the future).

If you’d like to support us financially to make this day a huge success – please donate and use the reference: Generate.

Thank you!

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